Hoosier Lottery
Current Jackpots and Winning Numbers
Jackpot alerts
  • Powerball
  • Estimated Jackpot
  • $129,000,000
  • Next Drawing: Wed, April 24th
  • Mega Millions
  • Estimated Jackpot
  • $202,000,000
  • Next Drawing: Tue, April 23rd
  • Hoosier Lotto
  • Estimated Jackpot
  • $10,500,000
  • Next Drawing: Wed, April 24th
  • CA$H 5
  • Estimated Jackpot
  • $100,000
  • Next Drawing: Tue, April 23rd
Latest Winning Numbers
  • Powerball
    • 12
    • 16
    • 33
    • 39
    • 52
    • 01
  • Power Play: 2x
  • Next Drawing: Wed, April 24th
  • Mega Millions
    • 19
    • 30
    • 34
    • 46
    • 58
    • 03
  • Megaplier: 3x
  • Next Drawing: Tue, April 23rd
  • CA$H 5
    • 6
    • 21
    • 23
    • 26
    • 37
  • Next Drawing: Tue, April 23rd
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our mission is to return maximum net income to the state in a socially responsible manner. We have woven Corporate Social Responsibility into every aspect of our organization’s vision, policies and practice.

Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Reports


Thanks to our players, Hoosier Lottery funds support local police and firefighters’ pensions, the Teachers’ Retirement Fund and the Lottery Surplus Fund. Since 1989, more than $6B has been given back, benefiting every county throughout Indiana.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility focuses on three pillars: Responsible Gaming, Engagement and Responsible Practices.

Positive Play Quiz on Mobile Phone

Responsible Gaming

Explore our toolkit of Positive Play resources designed to help players keep play positive. Delve further into responsible gaming resources for players as well as grant opportunities for professionals, students, and researchers.

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Hoosier Lottery employee engagement


The Hoosier Lottery’s CSR efforts provide positive impacts to internal team members and stakeholders by engaging our employees and our community through a variety of initiatives from in-person and virtual volunteering opportunities to philanthropic campaigns.

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Responsible Practices

Responsible Practices

We seek to positively impact our community and environment by supporting minority business enterprises and women's business enterprises (MWBE) through outreach, partnership and employee engagement. 

We work to deploy environmental business practices to reduce our carbon footprint, operate more sustainably and work with more sustainable partners.

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FY23 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Corporate Social Responsibility Reports

Our work is reflected in our Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Reports.

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Our Brand

The Hoosier Lottery's success is a shared success with the communities we serve. Since 1989, we have helped bring Hoosiers together. 

We are honored to be part of the fabric of Indiana and to help champion Hoosier dreams big and small.

WLA Responsible Gaming Framework Level 4

Certifications and Affiliations

The Hoosier Lottery is proud of its certifications and affiliations in the field of responsible gaming.

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Stronger, Safer, and Smarter

Celebrating Heroes Who Make Indiana Stronger, Safer, and Smarter

Gloria H. in Michigan City, Michael M. in Indianapolis and David B. in Greenwood are just some of the Hoosier Heroes—teachers, firefighters and police—who have spent their lives making a difference all over Indiana.



Check out these factoids, resources and tips for keeping your play positive.


What should you know before playing the lottery?
To keep your play positive, it's a good idea to know your game by understanding the odds and how the game works, set a limit on your time and money and keep it fun.


How does the Hoosier Lottery give back?
The Hoosier Lottery’s success is a shared success with the communities we serve. Since 1989, we’ve given back more than $7 billion to good causes across the state. 


What sustainability initiatives do the Hoosier Lottery support?
All Hoosier Lottery playslips, Draw game tickets and Scratch-offs can be recycled. We offer digital playslips and encourage players to check winning numbers on the app or website.