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  • $100,000,000
  • Next Drawing: Wed, May 22nd
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  • $421,000,000
  • Next Drawing: Tue, May 21st
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    • 1
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  • Power Play: 2x
  • Next Drawing: Wed, May 22nd
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    • 8
    • 17
    • 40
    • 60
    • 70
    • 03
  • Megaplier: 2x
  • Next Drawing: Tue, May 21st
  • CA$H 5
    • 5
    • 29
    • 33
    • 40
    • 45
  • Next Drawing: Tue, May 21st


For official signed rules, please click here.

The State Lottery Commission of Indiana (“Hoosier Lottery” or “Lottery”), by its Executive Director, hereby promulgates these rules and procedures (“Official Rules”) governing the JAWS 2nd Chance Promotion (“Promotion”), authorized pursuant to 65 IAC 1-7-1. This Promotion is open to players who become eligible for participation by complying with the Official Rules.

The Promotion will be conducted to support the Scratch-off, $2 JAWS (Game #2549).


The Promotion period will begin on or about 3:30 AM (ET) on Tuesday, April 2, 2024 and the Promotion entry deadline will be at 11:59 PM (ET) on Monday, August 26, 2024.


  1. Promotion drawings will be conducted by the Hoosier Lottery in accordance with all applicable statutes, rules and drawing procedures.
  2. Promotion drawings will occur on or about the following dates for the listed prizes: 
Entry DeadlineDrawing Date 
(on or about)
Number of Prizes
Description of Prize

Monday, August 26, 2024 
At 11:59 pm (ET)

Thursday, August 29, 2024

Four (4)Ten thousand dollars ($10,000)



  1. The Promotion is open to players eighteen (18) years of age or older who have a myLOTTERY account.
  2. A player may enter the Promotion more than once as long as each entry is with a unique non-winning qualified Hoosier Lottery Scratch-off. However, only one (1) prize per household per drawing will be allowed.
  3. State Lottery Commission of Indiana members, officers, and employees, and any relative(s) residing in the same household of such Hoosier Lottery member, officer, or employee are not eligible to participate in this Promotion. This restriction applies mutatis mutandis to the Lottery’s Integrated Services Provider, IGT Indiana, LLC, (“IGT Indiana”).
  4. Members, directors, officers, or employees of a major procurement vendor of the Hoosier Lottery and/or IGT Indiana, and any relative(s) residing in the same household of such persons are not eligible to participate in this Promotion.
  5. Owners, officers, directors, or employees of licensed Hoosier Lottery retailers may not enter tickets sold at any retail location where they are employed or have management responsibilities.
  6. Entries that are submitted in the manner as described in these Official Rules will be eligible for entry in this Promotion. Hand delivered or mailed in entries will not be accepted for this Promotion and will be deemed invalid and destroyed.
  7. Void where prohibited.


  1. To enter, a player must go to the Hoosier Lottery app or hoosierlottery.com and sign into the player’s myLOTTERY account. If a player does not have a myLOTTERY account, the player must select “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” to register and complete the myLOTTERY account sign up, which is free.
  2. Entries may be captured in two (2) ways:
    1. Via the Hoosier Lottery app by scanning the barcode on the front of a unique qualified non-winning JAWS Scratch-off
    2. Manually by entering the 6-character alphanumeric entry code found underneath the scratch material of a unique qualified non-winning JAWS Scratch-off at www.HoosierLottery.com/my2ndchance OR www.HoosierLottery.com/JAWS
  3. The player must follow the instructions for entering eligible non-winning Scratch-offs. For the purposes of this Promotion, a "non-winning ticket" is defined as a $2 JAWS (Game #2549) ticket that does not have a winning prize combination, is validly purchased from a Hoosier Lottery retailer location or purchased or received directly from the Hoosier Lottery. If entering via the website interface, the player must enter from the front of the ticket the 6-character alphanumeric entry code found under the scratch-off material covering the game play data area.
  4. An automated confirmation message will notify the player of a completed entry into the Promotion. The confirmation message is only evidence that an entry has been received and does not indicate that the entry is valid.
  5. All non-winning tickets which have been submitted in the Promotion must be retained. To claim a prize, the claimant will be required to submit the physical ticket to the Hoosier Lottery. The ticket must be intact and must not be mutilated, defaced, damaged, altered, reconstituted or tampered with in any manner.
  6. Each entry must contain current and valid information. The Hoosier Lottery will not change or update entry information for an entry that has already been submitted.

The odds of winning any prize are dependent upon the total number of valid entries entered at the time of a drawing.


  1. The four (4) winners of this promotion will be selected from among eligible entries received.
  2. Winning entries drawn for this Promotion will be notified in writing via email and/or phone. Winners who fail to complete and return all requested forms and provide the physical ticket within ten (10) business days after notification will automatically forfeit the prize and the next alternate will be selected.
  3. Upon timely presentation of winner information including the physical ticket used for entry, the entry will be validated and eligibility will be verified as described in Section D (“Eligibility”).
  4. If an entry is disqualified during the initial drawing or in the winner notification process, the next alternate will be contacted by Hoosier Lottery. Alternates have ten (10) business days to respond. If all alternate entries are exhausted after the Lottery follows the process in this Section G(4), the corresponding prize will be forfeited and will not be awarded.
  5. After Winner Verification and Winner Authorization are complete, winner information will be posted on hoosierlottery.com.
  6. Prizes awarded during this Promotion are transferable or assignable to individuals 18 years old and older. Winner must contact the Hoosier Lottery for transfer approval before the booking deadline.
  7. For winners of more than $599, the Lottery is required to determine if a prize winner has an outstanding debt to the state, owed delinquent taxes, or is past due on child support pursuant to IC 4-30-11-11.  If a debt is discovered, the Lottery will pay the debt up to the value of the prize less taxes withheld.  The cash balance remaining after taxes and payment of all applicable debts, if any, shall be paid to the prize winner.
  8. Federal and state withholding tax will be withheld and deposited by the Hoosier Lottery on behalf of the winner when required by the State of Indiana and IRS tax rules. IRS form W-2G, Certain Gambling Winnings, will be provided to winners when required. The Hoosier Lottery advises its customers to consult with a tax professional when preparing their taxes. You can learn about the IRS's taxable reporting criteria for winnings and Form W-2G used to report income related to gambling and sweepstakes by visiting https://www.irs.gov/forms-pubs/about-form-w2g. Any additional costs, taxes, including state and federal taxes, fees and expenses associated with the acceptance of a prize are the sole responsibility of the winner. If prize is transferred to a proxy, tax obligations will remain the responsibility of the winner.
  9. A Promotion winner may be required to participate in publicity and marketing efforts. Examples include an interview with Hoosier Lottery individuals, television, radio and/or newspaper reporters and/or photographers/videographers. This information may be used in future media, the Hoosier Lottery’s website, in store point of purchase materials or other marketing efforts without consent or further notice.


  1. The rules and procedures set forth in these Official Rules shall govern this Promotion. These rules may be amended at any time by the Hoosier Lottery without advance notice.
  2. The Executive Director or her designee may, at any time, announce a suspension or termination of this Promotion without advance notice and in the Executive Director’s sole discretion, at which point no further entries will be accepted and no additional Prizes shall be awarded. The Hoosier Lottery, the Executive Director, and any employee of the Hoosier Lottery, IGT Indiana or member of the State Lottery Commission of Indiana, shall not be liable for any such termination.
  3. By participating in the Promotion each person agrees to comply with and abide by Indiana law, rules, and regulations as well as the terms and conditions of the Lottery website and all final decisions, policies, or procedures of the Hoosier Lottery in relation to the conduct of this Promotion. Disputes related to this Promotion shall be governed by the laws of Indiana.
  4. The Hoosier Lottery and its agents are not responsible for error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operations, theft or destruction, unauthorized access to or alterations of entry materials, failure to receive entry, winner information, or other contest information for any reason whatsoever.
  5. The Hoosier Lottery and its agents are not responsible for issues with myLOTTERY account accessibility or Promotion entries due to technical problems associated to software, hardware compatibility or internet access.
  6. By entering this Promotion, all Promotion participants agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and waive any claims against the Hoosier Lottery, including IGT Indiana, and any of their affiliates, associates, directors, officers, agents, representatives and assigns arising directly or indirectly, out of, or in any way connected with, this Promotion or the prizes awarded in connection therewith.

All of which is EXECUTED and ORDERED this 15th day of March, 2024.