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  • Powerball
  • Estimated Jackpot
  • $114,000,000
  • Next Drawing: Wed, July 24th
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  • $306,000,000
  • Next Drawing: Fri, July 26th
  • Hoosier Lotto
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  • $17,900,000
  • Next Drawing: Wed, July 24th
  • CA$H 5
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  • $115,000
  • Next Drawing: Wed, July 24th
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  • Powerball
    • 31
    • 36
    • 56
    • 58
    • 69
    • 20
  • Power Play: 2x
  • Next Drawing: Wed, July 24th
  • Mega Millions
    • 3
    • 9
    • 14
    • 26
    • 51
    • 21
  • Megaplier: 4x
  • Next Drawing: Fri, July 26th
  • CA$H 5
    • 6
    • 17
    • 19
    • 31
    • 32
  • Next Drawing: Wed, July 24th


Awards up to $1,500 per applicant per calendar year

Download Digital Application

Grant Administrative Partner:

Central Indiana Community Foundation

The Hoosier Lottery Conference and Training Grant program's objective is to build capacity and knowledge in the area of responsible gaming research and program development.

The Hoosier Lottery shall fund up to $1,500 per applicant, per calendar year, to support conference travel and continuing education for problem gambling treatment providers, students, and treatment advocates. The funds are awarded by the Hoosier Lottery Research Grant Program Committee and are available on a competitive basis. Eligible individuals and nonprofit organizations may submit proposals throughout the year, however, a minimum of 90 days in advance of the event is recommended.

Each individual applicant must be affiliated with a qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit (such as an educational or professional organization) that is authorized to accept funds on the applicant’s behalf. This affiliated institution is the “Sponsoring Organization,” and will be responsible for receiving the funds and distributing them to the applicant.

  • An applicant must be a nonprofit problem gambling treatment provider, student researching or pursuing education in problem gambling treatment, or a treatment advocate. Each applicant must complete a profile sheet highlighting the applicant’s background and explaining how the knowledge obtained at the conference or event will benefit or further the efforts of problem gambling treatment.
  • Selected applicants will be asked to complete a background check.
What is covered:
  • Conference registration (paid directly to the conference or program)
  • Travel / airfare
  • Lodging
  • Parking / tolls
Applicants must provide:
  • Completed application form
  • Description of the program (flyer, brochure, or program)
  • Additional relevant information supporting the application (optional)
Award Decision Criteria:

Please complete the application with any relevant information that will help the committee evaluate the following:

  • Value and relevance of the program to the applicant’s current and/or future professional responsibilities (10 points)
  • Value and knowledge obtained that will further the body of knowledge of research in Indiana (15 points)
  • Prior conference attendance, training, and credentials (5 points)
How It Works:

If an award is approved, CICF will contact the Grantee and/or Applicant to review the process. CICF will pay directly for conference registration to the conference organizer. Any remaining approved costs will be reimbursed to the Applicant (via the Sponsoring Organization) after the conference and upon submission of receipts.
Additionally, the Applicant will provide CICF with a post-conference evaluation report. Ten percent (10%) of the award will be held back, pending receipt of an email sent to CICF with an explanation of what the Applicant gained from the event and any speakers or topics they found impactful. Such information will be provided to the CSR Manager to improve the Hoosier Lottery’s Responsible Gaming Program. Upon receipt of the evaluation report email, the remaining 10% of the award will be dispersed to the Grantee.
This grant program is administered in partnership with Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF). Please email the application and supporting materials to:

Nora Dietz-Kilen
Effective Philanthropic Advisor

Central Indiana Community Foundation
615 North Alabama Street
Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Additional questions?
Please email Corporate Social Responsibility Manager Eloise Batic at ebatic@hoosierlottery.com.