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  • Powerball
  • Estimated Jackpot
  • $129,000,000
  • Next Drawing: Wed, April 24th
  • Mega Millions
  • Estimated Jackpot
  • $202,000,000
  • Next Drawing: Tue, April 23rd
  • Hoosier Lotto
  • Estimated Jackpot
  • $10,500,000
  • Next Drawing: Wed, April 24th
  • CA$H 5
  • Estimated Jackpot
  • $100,000
  • Next Drawing: Tue, April 23rd
Latest Winning Numbers
  • Powerball
    • 12
    • 16
    • 33
    • 39
    • 52
    • 01
  • Power Play: 2x
  • Next Drawing: Wed, April 24th
  • Mega Millions
    • 19
    • 30
    • 34
    • 46
    • 58
    • 03
  • Megaplier: 3x
  • Next Drawing: Tue, April 23rd
  • CA$H 5
    • 6
    • 21
    • 23
    • 26
    • 37
  • Next Drawing: Tue, April 23rd
Hoosier Lottery News

Hoosier Lottery News

New Games & Updates

Take the Cash POP™ Drawing Personality Quiz

07/25/20235 minutes

Hoosiers, have you heard the news? Cash POP™ has arrived in Indiana! Cash POP is a fun numbers game where you need to match just 1 number to win. Have you played yet?

Pick up your Cash POP tickets at any Hoosier Lottery retailer to start poppin’! You can also build a digital playslip through the Hoosier Lottery app, then scan the QR code at the retailer to get your ticket. Start by picking your number(s) 1-15 and then make your wager—$1, $2, $5 or $10. Then, choose which Cash POP drawing (or drawings) you’d like to play. There are 5 Cash POP drawings throughout the day—Morning, Matinee, Afternoon, Evening and Late Night—which means you’ll have 5 chances to play and 5 chances to win, every day. Once you’ve got your Cash POP tickets, all that’s left to do is check HoosierLottery.com or the Hoosier Lottery app post-drawing to see if you’ve won.

It’s simple, fun and it’s always poppin’! So how do you play Cash POP? Find out what time of day you might play by taking the Cash POP Drawing Personality quiz below.


What Kind of Cash POP Player Are You?

Are you a morning person? A night owl? Take the Cash POP Drawing Personality Quiz below to find out! Remember, you can play Cash POP any time—this quiz in no way ties you to just one Draw time and will not affect your odds of winning. Make sure to keep track of your answers, you’ll need to add them up at the end.
  1. What time of day do you prefer to wake up?
    1. Bright and early!
    2. Around lunchtime
    3. Sometime in the afternoon
    4. When the sun sets
    5. I sleep all day long

  2. What is your favorite meal of the day?
    1. Breakfast
    2. Lunch
    3. Afternoon snack
    4. Dinner
    5. Late night snack

  3. What’s your favorite kind of weather?
    1. Chilly
    2. Humid
    3. Hot
    4. Mild
    5. Cold

  4. How strong is your coffee?
    1. Strong, 3+ shots of espresso
    2. Average, about 2 shots of espresso
    3. Not very strong, 1 shot of espresso
    4. Decaf for me!
    5. I’m not a coffee drinker

  5. What do you like to do on the weekend?
    1. Wake up early. How else am I going to get everything done?
    2. Sleep in. There’s no way I’m setting an alarm.
    3. Soak up the sun. It’s so nice outside!
    4. Go out for dinner and call it a night.
    5. Stay out all night. Who needs sleep?

  6. Do you eat breakfast?
    1. Yes, every morning
    2. Most days
    3. Sometimes
    4. I usually wait until later in the day
    5. Never, I’m not a breakfast person

  7. What’s your favorite color?
    1. Pink
    2. Yellow
    3. Green
    4. Blue
    5. Black


Done with the quiz? Add up how many of each letter you answered above, then read below to see what your Cash POP drawing personality is.

If you have mostly As…
Your Cash POP drawing personality is Morning. You start your day early and might even prefer it that way, even if you need a few shots of espresso to help wake up. Cash POP with your coffee is an exciting way to start your day, and you can play the other drawing times and keep the fun going until tomorrow!

If you have mostly Bs…
Your Cash POP drawing personality is Matinee—based on your answers, the daytime is your time. But remember, with 5 POPs throughout the day, the best time to play Cash POP is anytime!

If you have mostly Cs…
Your Cash POP drawing personality is Afternoon. You’re not in any rush to finish the day and like to go with the flow. Great news—anytime of day is a great time to stop by a Hoosier Lottery retailer and snag a Cash POP ticket!

If you have mostly Ds…
Your Cash POP drawing personality is Evening. You prefer to wind down and settle in at night, but still like to end the day with something fun. Even if you played earlier in the day, Cash POP is an easy way to add a little fun to your nighttime routine!

If you have mostly Es…
Your Cash POP drawing personality is Late Night. No curfew needed—you’re not too worried about 8 hours of sleep. Even though you prefer nighttime, you can add fun throughout your day by playing Cash POP anytime, anywhere!

If you have a favorite time to play Cash POP—great! But remember, you can play any of the drawing times throughout the day, so it’s easy (and fun) to play your way.

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