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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much does a Hoosier Lottery Cash4Life ticket cost? up arrow

A:Each play (line of numbers) costs $2. Players may purchase up to ten plays on a single ticket.

Q: Can I purchase more than one draw at a time? up arrow

A:Yes. Players can purchase up to ten consecutive draws at a time with up to ten plays on a single ticket.

Q: When are Cash4Life drawings? up arrow

A:Cash4Life drawings are held every Monday and Thursday at approximately 9:00pm ET.

Q: How is the game played? up arrow

A:Players select five numbers between 1 and 60 and one Cash Ball number between 1 and 4. Players can select their own numbers by completing a playslip, or choose a Quick Pick to have the terminal randomly select numbers for them.

Q: What are the prizes? up arrow

A:Matching the first five numbers and matching the Cash Ball pays $1,000 a day for life or a one-time lump sum payment of $7,000,000 before taxes. Matching the first five numbers and not matching the Cash Ball pays $1,000 a week for life or a one-time lump sum payment of $1,000,000 before taxes. Other prizes range from $2 up to $2,500.

Q: What are the odds of winning? up arrow

A:The overall odds of winning any prize in Cash4Life are 1 in 8. The odds of winning the top prize are 1 in 21,846,048. The odds for the second-tier prize are 1 in 7,282,016. See for more details.

Q: Can Cash4Life tickets be cancelled? up arrow

A:No. Once the ticket is printed, it cannot be cancelled.

Q: Are the drawings televised? up arrow

A:There will be a live stream of the drawings on

Q: What states participate in Cash4Life? up arrow

A:Tickets for the game are currently sold in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland, Georgia and Indiana.

Q: If I buy a ticket in one of the other states and win a prize, can I cash it in Indiana? up arrow

A:No. All Cash4Life prizes must be claimed in the state where the ticket was purchased.

Q: How long do I have to claim a prize? up arrow

A:Cash4Life prizes won in Indiana must be claimed within 180 days of the date of the drawing.

Q: What happens to my life prize annuity if I pass away? up arrow

A:If you win a Cash4Life top prize or second prize and choose the annuity prize option, but pass away before you’ve received 20 years-worth of payments, we will determine the remaining value of your prize (up to the 20-year minimum payout) and pay a one-time lump-sum amount to your estate.

Q: How would the top prize and second-tier prize be shared if there are multiple winners in a single drawing? up arrow

A:If there are two or more top prize winning tickets sold in any state(s) for a single drawing, the $1,000 a day for life prizes would be divided by the number of winning tickets, with all winners receiving an annuity prize of at least $500 a week for life or an equal share of a $7 million prize pool. If there are more than 15 top prize winning tickets, no annuity prize will be available and all winners would receive an equal portion of the $7 million prize pool. The second-tier prize will be $1,000 a week for life if there are between one and five winning tickets in a single drawing. If there are more than five second-tier winning tickets, the winners would equally share a $5 million prize pool.

Q: I work for a Hoosier Lottery retailer. Can I play Cash4Life? up arrow

A:Hoosier Lottery retailer employees are allowed to play, but may not purchase in the location in which they work.

Must be 18 or Older to Play. Please Play Responsibly.

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