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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much does a Hoosier Lottery Cash4Life ticket cost? up arrow

A:Each play (line of numbers) costs $2. Players may purchase up to ten plays on a single ticket.

Q: Can I purchase more than one draw at a time? up arrow

A:Yes. Players can purchase up to ten consecutive draws at a time with up to ten plays on a single ticket.

Q: When are Cash4Life drawings? up arrow

A:Cash4Life drawings are held every Monday and Thursday at approximately 9:00pm ET.

Q: How is the game played? up arrow

A:Players select five numbers between 1 and 60 and one Cash Ball number between 1 and 4. Players can select their own numbers by completing a playslip, or choose a Quick Pick to have the terminal randomly select numbers for them.

Q: What are the prizes? up arrow

A:Matching the first five numbers and matching the Cash Ball pays $1,000 a day for life or a one-time lump sum payment of $7,000,000 before taxes. Matching the first five numbers and not matching the Cash Ball pays $1,000 a week for life or a one-time lump sum payment of $1,000,000 before taxes. Other prizes range from $2 up to $2,500.

Q: What are the odds of winning? up arrow

A:The overall odds of winning any prize in Cash4Life are 1 in 8. The odds of winning the top prize are 1 in 21,846,048. The odds for the second-tier prize are 1 in 7,282,016. See for more details.

Q: Can Cash4Life tickets be cancelled? up arrow

A:No. Once the ticket is printed, it cannot be cancelled.

Q: Are the drawings televised? up arrow

A:There will be a live stream of the drawings on

Q: What states participate in Cash4Life? up arrow

A:Tickets for the game are currently sold in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland, Georgia and Indiana.

Q: If I buy a ticket in one of the other states and win a prize, can I cash it in Indiana? up arrow

A:No. All Cash4Life prizes must be claimed in the state where the ticket was purchased.

Q: How long do I have to claim a prize? up arrow

A:Cash4Life prizes won in Indiana must be claimed within 180 days of the date of the drawing.

Q: What happens to my life prize annuity if I pass away? up arrow

A:If you win a Cash4Life top prize or second prize and choose the annuity prize option, but pass away before you’ve received 20 years-worth of payments, we will determine the remaining value of your prize (up to the 20-year minimum payout) and pay a one-time lump-sum amount to your estate.

Q: How would the top prize and second-tier prize be shared if there are multiple winners in a single drawing? up arrow

A:If there are two or more top prize winning tickets sold in any state(s) for a single drawing, the $1,000 a day for life prizes would be divided by the number of winning tickets, with all winners receiving an annuity prize of at least $500 a week for life or an equal share of a $7 million prize pool. If there are more than 15 top prize winning tickets, no annuity prize will be available and all winners would receive an equal portion of the $7 million prize pool. The second-tier prize will be $1,000 a week for life if there are between one and five winning tickets in a single drawing. If there are more than five second-tier winning tickets, the winners would equally share a $5 million prize pool.

Q: I work for a Hoosier Lottery retailer. Can I play Cash4Life? up arrow

A:Hoosier Lottery retailer employees are allowed to play, but may not purchase in the location in which they work.


Q: How do I enter my non-winning tickets in the 2nd Chance promotion?up arrow

A: Go to to sign-up for mylottery and enter your non-winning tickets for a chance to win one of ten $500 prizes or one $20,000 prize. Visit for entry deadlines and details. The 2nd Chance promotion is only open to tickets sold in Indiana.

Q: I forgot my mylottery password. What should I do?up arrow

A: Find the login box on the right side of the page and click “forgot password?” or visit Type your email address in the designated box on the page and click “Reset My Password.” (Only click it once.) You’ll receive an email with a new password. (Be patient. It’s on the way.) Click here to reset your password.

Q: Can I enter a single ticket multiple times?up arrow

A:No. Each ticket has a unique serial number. This number is used for entry into the 2nd chance promotion. It can only be entered once.

Q: How do I find out if I have been selected as a winner?up arrow

A:The Hoosier Lottery will notify all winners by email and telephone to provide information on claiming their prizes. Once a prize is claimed, winner’s names will be posted to the Hoosier Lottery Cash4Life 2nd Chance Promotion website following the validation of the winners.

Q: What numbers do I need to use from the Cash4Life ticket to enter the promotion?up arrow

A:Players will need to enter the serial number, date and time stamp to enter the 2nd Chance promotion. The date should be entered in number format.

Q: Can I enter more than one ticket at a time?up arrow

A:Yes. Click "Enter Another Ticket" or "Enter Another 5 Tickets."

Q: Are entries cumulative?up arrow

A:No. Entries are not cumulative and are only eligible for the quarterly drawing in which they are entered.

Q: Can I check my Cash4Life 2nd Chance promotion entries?up arrow

A: Yes. Cash4Lfe 2nd Chance promotion entries can be viewed in your mylottery account. 2nd Chance entries

Q: Do I need to keep my ticket(s)?up arrow

A:Keep all of your non-winning tickets that you enter. You must present your ticket to claim a prize. Please keep the whole ticket and keep it intact. Partial tickets will not be accepted for claiming a prize.

Q: When are the 2nd Chance promotion entry deadlines and drawings?up arrow

A:Entry deadlines and drawing dates are available at Future dates will be published as they become available.

Must be 18 or Older to Play. Please Play Responsibly.

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