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Tom and Gail Fox


Purchased City: Indianapolis

Date Won: 6/24/2011

Amount Won: $24,000,000

Winning means retirement for $24 million winners

Retiring is at the top of the list of things an Indianapolis couple plan to do now that they have won a $24 million Hoosier Lotto jackpot.  Tom and Gail Fox of Indianapolis were shocked to discover they had won a multi-million jackpot in the June 22 Hoosier Lotto drawing. Tom is employed at a feeder assembly facility in Fortville and Gail works for Honda in Greensburg.  They have been married four years and both are thrilled to be able to jump-start the retirement process.  $24 million gives them more than enough to get their ducks in a row and enjoy their golden years. Call it foreshadowing.  Just hours before the couple won, Gail joked with a friend in the breakroom at work about winning the Lottery and retiring. “He said he was going to win the Lottery and I told him he wasn’t because I was going to win,” said Gail Fox. “I wonder if he figured it out when I wasn’t at work yesterday.” The couple elected to take payment of the $24 million as a 30-year annuity and will receive $800,000 annually for thirty years, before taxes. Click here to read more about Tom and Gail's story.

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