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Richard and Shirley Mcmurry


Purchased City: Bloomington

Date Won: 11/19/2013

Amount Won: $$3.5 million

Retired Bloomington police officer wins $3.5 million in Hoosier Lotto

Richard McMurry and his wife Shirley are lifelong Bloomington residents and have been playing the same six numbers in Hoosier Lotto for as long as the game has been around, since 1990.  Their $2 weekly purchase paid off when all six of their hand-picked, birthday-related numbers were drawn as the winning numbers in the Oct. 30 drawing. The Oct. 30 Hoosier Lotto numbers were: 3-7-15-16-41-43.

The couple opted to take payment as a 30-year annuity.  The lucky grandparents-of-three received the first payment of $136,000 today and will receive $116,000 every year (before taxes) for the next 29 years. 

"It's good security knowing that it's there for the next 30 years," said Shirley McMurry.

As a retired Bloomington police officer, Richard is already among those who benefit from the Hoosier Lottery.  Every year $60 million of lottery profits are allocated to the pension funds of retired local teachers, police and firefighters.  Click here to read more of Richard and Shirley's story.

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