Scratch-off Game Hero


Scratch the ticket simulation above to view the play area.

The represented ticket is for demonstration purposes and is not a valid play. Visit your favorite Hoosier Lottery retailer for purchase.

Game Number:2303

How To Play:

  1. Remove the Scratch-off material from the YOUR LETTERS play area to reveal 18 YOUR LETTERS.
    NOTE: The 3 small underlined letters that appear outside the box containing the 18 large YOUR LETTERS cannot be used to play the CROSSWORD PUZZLE.
  2. Scratch each letter in the CROSSWORD PUZZLE that matches YOUR LETTERS.
  3. Completely uncover 3 or more COMPLETE WORDS, win the corresponding prize in the PRIZE LEGEND.
  4. If your winning words include a "CHERRY" symbol, win triple (3X) your prize.

Game Rules


Win Up To $50,000

Prize Amount Prizes
Unclaimed TotalTotal prizes includes reordered
$50,000 9 16
$3,000 61 96
$1,500 53 94
$1,000 53 94
$500 485 884
$150 3,502 6,452
$100 8,959 16,598
$50 9,062 16,740
$30 72,873 133,981
Overall Odds: 1 in 3.88

The above table includes prizes of $26 or more and may not be inclusive of all prizes in the game. For a full listing of prizes, please see the game rules.

Overall Odds: Overall odds apply to the total number of tickets printed for a particular game, not to a consecutive string of tickets. The overall odds of winning a prize are established when a game is printed and are calculated by dividing the total number of tickets printed by the total number of prizes available.

Any of the prizes listed above may have already been purchased, but not yet claimed.

Total prizes may not yet be available for sale in retailers, including prizes within a reorder.

Updated as of 2:00 a.m on 10/15/2019

Must be 18 or Older to Play. Please Play Responsibly.

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