Hoosier Lottery
Current Jackpots and Winning Numbers
Jackpot alerts
  • Powerball®
  • Estimated Jackpot
  • $123,000,000
  • Next Drawing: Wed, March 3rd
  • Mega Millions®
  • Estimated Jackpot
  • $43,000,000
  • Next Drawing: Tue, March 2nd
  • Hoosier Lotto®
  • Estimated Jackpot
  • $6,400,000
  • Next Drawing: Wed, March 3rd
  • CA$H 5
  • Estimated Jackpot
  • $194,000
  • Next Drawing: Sun, February 28th
Latest Winning Numbers
  • Powerball®
    • 2
    • 28
    • 31
    • 44
    • 52
    • 18
  • Power Play: 3x
  • Next Drawing: Wed, March 3rd
  • Mega Millions®
    • 11
    • 15
    • 37
    • 62
    • 64
    • 05
  • Megaplier: 2x
  • Next Drawing: Tue, March 2nd
  • CA$H 5
    • 14
    • 22
    • 29
    • 34
    • 37
  • Next Drawing: Sun, February 28th


Top Prize: $500

Play Type: Fast Play, Number Match

Overall Odds: 1 in 6.89

Ticket Price: $10

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How to Play
  1. Get Your Ticket

    Purchase your Winfall Fast Play ticket at any participating retailer.

  2. Play the Game

    Match any of your numbers to any of the winning numbers, win the prize shown for that number.

    Official Rules
  3. Check to See if You've Won

    Like all Fast Play games, you can check to see if your ticket is a winner right away at the retailer, or scan with the app!

Prize and Odds

Prize Structure

The approximate number of possible prizes and estimated odds for each prize level are as follows:
Prize Odds
$500 1 in 2,000.00
$250 1 in 800.00
$200 1 in 400.00
$150 1 in 400.00
$100 1 in 48.00
$50 1 in 48.00
$40 1 in 40.00
$25 1 in 46.15
$20 1 in 20.00

The above table may not be inclusive of all prizes in the game. For a full listing of prizes, please see the game rules.

Overall Odds 1 in 6.89

Odds are established when the game is approved for sale. Tickets for Fast Play games are drawn from a constantly replenished statewide pool of winning and non-winning outcomes based on the established odds. When an outcome, winning or non-winning, is randomly selected from the pool, it is then immediately replaced so that both the pool size and chance to win each prize remains the same each time the Fast Play game is played.

Claim Your Prize

Did You Win?

First off, congratulations! Now let's get you your prize. There are multiply ways to claim. We encourage players to claim prizes by mail, if possible.

For complete details, visit the How to Claim Your Prize page.

If you've won under $600:

  • Redeem at participating Hoosier Lottery retailers (most retailers will redeem tickets up to $25, and some will redeem up to $599). Please check with your individual retailer on their redemption capabilities and policies.
  • Redeem via mail

If you've won $600 - $49,999:

If you've won $50,000 or more:

  • Please contact us at 1-800-955-6886 to schedule an appointment to claim your prize

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