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Our group of talented individuals represent diverse backgrounds and bring a wealth of experience and expertise to Hoosier Lottery operations.


In FY 2017, the Hoosier Lottery achieved more than $1.213 billion in total sales and more than $288 million* was returned to the State of Indiana to fund good causes in each Indiana county. The State Legislature established an annual disbursement of $30 million to local police and firefighters' pensions, $30 million to the Indiana Teachers' Retirement Fund, and the balance of surplus revenues to the Build Indiana Fund.

The Hoosier Lottery produces an annual report on its financial performance. This report highlights our ability to simultaneously maximize sales and control operational costs, which is critical to funding good causes. We care deeply about our retired police, firefighters', and teachers' as valued stakeholders in the success of the Hoosier Lottery.


Hoosier Lottery employees are responsible for ensuring that we fulfill our mission to return maximum net income to the state in a socially responsible manner. This group of talented individuals represents diverse backgrounds and bring a wealth of experience and expertise to Hoosier Lottery operations. The Hoosier Lottery offers competitive wages, full benefits, paid time off, and development opportunities.


When possible, the Hoosier Lottery chooses vendors that meet the State of Indiana's Buy Indiana criteria. During this report period, $7.3 million was spent utilizing Indiana vendors. This is a decrease of 15% from FY 2016. An increase in spending to sole source and bidded contracts contributed to the decrease. Processes are in place through contracts, in addition to federal law, to ensure suppliers are not participating in inhumane or discriminatory activity.


The Hoosier Lottery recognizes employees who make valuable contributions to our business and community. We also recognize service and dedication by individual employees who have used their talents to support our mission. At monthly and annual all-employee meetings, employees are recognized for their outstanding contributions to business operations. These contributions include providing years of dedicated service, achieving regional sales goals, driving innovation, and meeting other special achievements.

Both IGT Indiana and the Commission have employee recognition programs. IGT Indiana's Building Excellence Program awarded 85% more awards than the prior fiscal year, but the overall monetary value decreased by 12%. The Commission's Employee Spot Bonus Program awards employees who deserve "on-the-spot" recognition for efforts or achievement. In this report period, 18 bonuses were awarded. While this program is not new, it is appearing in this report for the first time.


As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility best practices, we have adopted a policy which guides how we monitor and respond to player issues as they arise. We receive feedback from the general public through a designated email address and hotline number. We post the Customer Service & Player Support Hotline (1-800-955-6886) at all retail locations, on all tickets, and on the Hoosier Lottery website. We take complaints and concerns seriously and our senior staff review monthly reports on complaints to ensure that we consistently meet our customer' needs.

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