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In 2017 we achieved record sales of $1.213 billion which meant record returns to the state.


Adults 18 and older can purchase our products from any of approximately 4,500 licensed retailers in all 92 Indiana counties. The Hoosier Lottery offers an array of Draw games, Scratch-offs, and Fast Play games. In FY 2017, new add-on games were introduced to non-jackpot draw games. Superball was added to Daily 3 and Daily 4, while Bullseye was added to Quick Draw. New Scratch-off games were launched each month with more than 40 available at any given time. Information about all games, including odds and the number of prizes claimed, is located on the Hoosier Lottery website.


The Hoosier Lottery is comprised of two organizations that work together to ensure optimal performance of Lottery operations. Our structure is unique because we operate under an integrated services agreement between the State Lottery Commission of Indiana (Commission) and IGT Indiana. The State Lottery Commission of Indiana maintains actual control and oversight over all lottery operations, and is responsible for accounting, prize payment, security, retailer payment, and retailer licensing. IGT Indiana is responsible for sales, marketing, distribution, and corporate social responsibility.

These two organizations work together to ensure that the Hoosier Lottery achieves its mission to return maximum net income to the state in a socially responsible manner. In compliance with state law, lottery products are sold to adults 18 years of age or older in the Hoosier state. It is our priority to operate with integrity in an ethical, transparent, and socially responsible way. Each year we determine our operating strategy for sales, marketing, product, and corporate social responsibility in an annual business plan. The plan outlines our priorities for the year, describes strategies, and establishes desired outcomes.

In addition to operating in a socially responsible manner, both the Commission and IGT Indiana have codes of ethics which describe the expectations of employee conduct regarding conflict of interest, gift limitations, political activity, and anti-bribery.


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is woven into every aspect of our business and is a key section within each annual business plan. Our CSR program is structured to take each business areas' needs into account. While responsible gaming has been a significant focus, we have strengthened all of our CSR initiatives.

Our CSR program consists of four impact areas: Business Impact, Responsible Gaming, Community Impact, and Environmental Impact. The efforts and initiatives in these four areas are supported by a CSR Advisory Board comprised of subject matter experts and executive leadership. The CSR Advisory Board facilitates collaboration among business areas.

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